Foxhall Road, Timperley

The core aim of this project was to maximise space within the property, providing an open plan, practical, family orientated space on the ground floor, an additional bedroom space and generally improve the property’s kerb appeal. I began by undertaking a thorough review of the local authority’s design guidance to find the most viable way of maximising the space. Once this had been established we set about developing a design which fit these complex constraints whilst meeting the client’s aspirations.

\MacHomeGoogle Drive1015 Cavendish RoadBIM1031-JW-XX-XX-M3
New porch added to front elevation & rendered to harmonise existing property


\MacHomeGoogle Drive1015 Cavendish RoadBIM1031-JW-XX-XX-M3
Bi-fold doors giving uninhibited access to garden


Y:1031 Foxhall RoadBIM1031-JW-XX-XX-M3-A-Model2017 - Sheet -

Rear part of ground floor opened up to create open plan family room


The resulting ground floor scheme comprised an open plan space straddling new and existing single a double storey elements, a functional service zone at the side of the original property wrapped in a new, splayed gable wall.


Y:1031 Foxhall RoadBIM1031-JW-XX-XX-M3-A-Model2017 - Sheet -
Existing bathroom extended to provide additional ensuite bedroom


The proposed first floor relocates the small bathroom in order to create access through to a new, ensuite master bedroom overlooking the garden with a metal framed oriel window.


Y:1031 Foxhall RoadBIM1031-JW-XX-XX-M3-A-Model2017 - Sheet -
Rooflight to single storey element provides daylight in the deeper part of the plan


1031-P03-01 3D01
Architectural language helps to distinguish new and old elements


  • construction type: extension & remodelling
  • new / remodelled floor area: 100m²
  • concept design compete: March 2018
  • appointment type: RIBA stages 1-4