South Drive, Timperley

My client for this project came to me with a scheme drawn up some time ago by another consultant. They wanted to get a better understanding of the drawings and how the resultant space would feel once the work had been carried out. As well as developing a more tactile, coloured set of drawings for the building exterior I also produced a concept scheme for the interior design.


\MacHomeGoogle Drive1031 Foxhall RoadBIM1045-JW-XX-XX-M3-A
Hipped roof side dormer in keeping with character of existing property


\MacHomeGoogle Drive1031 Foxhall RoadBIM1045-JW-XX-XX-M3-A
New gabled rear elevation unifies original house, new & previous extensions


The process gave the client a better understanding of the scheme and consequently enabled us to take the proposals through planning which included a full application due to significant enlargement of the first floor and roof. The finished scheme is one which offers a better sized bedrooms, served by ensuite bathrooms, wrapped in an envelope with an external appearance in keeping with the character of the surrounding area.



\MacHomeGoogle Drive1031 Foxhall RoadBIM1045-JW-XX-XX-M3-A
Footprint of ground floor remains unchanged


\MacHomeGoogle Drive1031 Foxhall RoadBIM1045-JW-XX-XX-M3-A
First floor extended backwards providing space for larger bedrooms & ensuites


\MacHomeGoogle Drive1031 Foxhall RoadBIM1045-JW-XX-XX-M3-A
Roof remodelled make best use of new loft


  • construction type: first floor extension & roof remodelling
  • new / remodelled floor area: 100m²
  • planning approved: July 2018
  • appointment type: full design inc. interior design